farm people

just a blog from a bunch of midwesterners trying to shed the "farm people" persona inflitcted on them by plump genes & cheeseburgers. it's a nine week journey with cash prize at the end for the one who loses the most percentage of pork.

Monday, March 12, 2007

week 9: 3/4 through the competition

so the jumping into 2007 competition is now 75% done, i can't believe it! it seems like just yesterday i was rolling back across the border from canada & plotting my workout plan. & now it's week nine, which means only three more weeks before the money is given to the biggest loser. right now rochelle & i are neck & neck on the weight loss. in this competition i've lost 17 lbs, which equals 6.43%. rochelle is winning by a hair at 6.73%!

even if i don't take home the big prize, i'm very pleased with what i've done. my butterfly is doing well, 23 lbs lost from the start 0f this blog with the last competition, & that's nothing to sneeze at. my bmi has went down 4 points, which is huge, & losing 6.43% of weight is a great help to my health & well on my way to the recommended minimum 10% for increased health benefits. all in all, today's weight in was good news.

& jenn is committed to kicking my butt from here to the Y, across the Y, & back again to work. so i'll be pretty hard core working out over the next three weeks....& beyond that as we roll into the time for my birthday!

Monday, March 05, 2007

weighing in week 8

i'm super happy, almost twenty pounds down from where my butterfly first took off from, nearly a fifth of the way through my goal of losing 100lbs. now that is wicked awesome! isn't it amazing what you can do when you really truly put your mind to it? although, i'll admit, i'm kinda afraid to be TOO happy because i'm worried that i'll back slide again. not like you can live your life in fear, but i'm still afraid to be too happy about all of this.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

week seven, am i dreaming?

more progress! while it was disappointing last week that my ticker didn't budge a bit, i was happy it didn't go up. but this week, woot, weight loss! a whole 3.2 lbs. which i'm absolutely gobsmacked by, i mean, wow. so, flutter right along, miss butterfly.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

even steven into week six

so, i didn't gain any weight, but i didn't lose any either. i'm the exact same, right down to the same tenth of a pound as i was last week. which is a wee bit discouraging, but i'm glad i didn't gain. THAT would have been very demoralizing.

riley tried to cheer me up today by saying that i could be gaining muscle while losing fat & muscle weighs more than fat. i'll hang onto that for the next week & hope that all that new muscle starts burning some more fat PDQ.

it doesn't help that i'm sick today. feeling achy & miserable & very much like vomiting & then passing out, or passing out & then vomiting, whichever.

but, here's the ticker, even & all:

Thursday, February 15, 2007

almost half through

i can't believe time has flown by so quickly, we're already over halfway through february! ok, over by one day, but still, over half through! which means 2007 is NEARLY one sixth finished! e-gods!

& that means the competition is nearly half done. week six weigh in is nearly here, which signals the halfway point of the competition. & i have to say, so far everyone seems to be pushing & doing the best we can. OF COURSE, if we were all perfect we would've lost a lot more weight than we would have. then again, if we were all perfect none of us would be above our ideal weight in the FIRST place, right? can i get a hell yeah?

but we aren't perfect. & we don't even work in a perfect situation, it's far from ideal. working in a call center is the perfect way to gain weight & spread your ass. sitting at a computer, tethered to a phone for eight hours a day, your only escape a half hour lunch & two very brief fifteen minute breaks. surrounded by candy jars & cookies & cakes & every other damn thing you can think of.

but, as a group i think we're still doing reasonably well. considering all the opportunities to binge that we're presented with here at work.

Monday, February 12, 2007

five weeks in

my scale was very nice to me this morning. ok, well, maybe not VERY nice, very nice would have taken me down into the 250's, but i'm down another 1.6 lbs, which is my scale being pretty nice to me. & there is now a bit of separation between the bmi numbers at the top & my butterfly is enjoying some more daisies along the way.

i'll post a longer update soon, not simply scale related, but i must update my other blog now. btw, my cohorts here at work are doing pretty dang well too, 19.4 pounds lost total as a group, way to be rockstars, gang!

Monday, February 05, 2007

going strong into week 4

week four is definitely treating me better than week three. the biggest is that i lost weight. yippee! but even aside from that, it's because i'm starting to feel stronger going into week four. riley completely kicked my ass last week, my legs were STILL hurting yesterday! but i was glad for the hurt because it meant i had challenged myself & pushed my body to it's limits. i'm excited for this week to see what we're doing & what i can learn.

i'm also super excited because i'm getting stuff in order at home & by the end of the weekend i should have my space set up for my pilates & firm workouts, which i really miss!

& since i lost 2.8 lbs my ticker went down this week! my butterfly sailed by that 10 lbs total lost to say 12.8, woot!

ps: btw, my challengers are doing fairly well too, we have two more to weigh in this week, BUT, since the challenge started, as a group we've lost 14 lbs. which i think is pretty dang spiffy.